M Sand

Due to controlled conditions of manufacturing, manufactured sand achieves optimum shape and grade. This is particularly helpful in optimizing cement use. In addition, both compressive strength and flexural strength (bend strength or stress strength of the material) is improved by using cubical aggregates produced. M-sand offers markedly improved workability and reduced bleeding and shrinkage.

P Sand

P-SAND – This is used for Wall plaster and tiling purposes. Its granule thickness/sieve size is 150 Microns-2.36 mm and this adheres to IS Code 1542:1992.

Ready Mix Concrete

At Dura Concrete, ready mixed concrete (ready mix concrete or RMC) is produced in its fully automated and computerized concrete batching plants at multiple locations across India. Dura Concrete manufactures and supplies concrete mixes, which are designed in its well-equipped laboratories as per established procedures to comply with various provisions of Indian Standards. Dura Concrete’s experienced logistics team works closely with you to ensure that the concrete of requisite quality is delivered on time and in the appropriate quantities.

Solid Blocks

At Dura Rock, extensive research and development, combined with years of experience in the concrete block technology, have perfected the Dura Block.